Area Agency on Aging

SMPDD is the designated Area Agency on Aging (AAA). In concert with the Department of Human Services, Division of Aging and Adult Services and the U.S. Department of Human Services, Administration for Community Living, the Area Agency on Aging serves as the public advocate for the development and implementation of comprehensive and coordinated home and community based care systems responsive to the current needs and future growth of the aging population.

Fundamental to the leadership charges under the Older Americans Act are proactive collaborative planning and interdisciplinary coordination in order to avoid duplication of effort, contain costs, ensure service quality, and expand resources. As the public advocate, the AAA must monitor and evaluate community activities that affect the elderly and serve as the support base for the Ombudsman program within the planning and service area. Resources made available to the AAA are used to support activities intended to achieve all elements of a community based care system.

Area Agency on Aging Responsibilities:

• Develops and administers area plans and distributes funding to organizations to provide services.
• Directly administers case management, information assistance and referral services, outreach and Mississippi State Health Insurance Program (SHIP).
• Advocates for continued development of home and community based services to maintain independence and quality of life for seniors.
• Supports needs of special populations of physically and mentally impaired, abused, neglected or exploited, as well as those of advanced age without a caregiver to assist them when in need.
• Promotes healthy lifestyles through education and fitness programs.
• Represents the interest of local seniors at state and national levels.

Area Agency on Aging Services:

• Adult Day Care
• Case Management
• Congregate Meals
• Family Caregiver Support
• Foster Grandparent Program
• Home Delivered Meals
• Homemaker Services
• Information Assistance and Referral
• Legal Services
• Ombudsman
• Outreach
• Respite Care
• Senior Centers
• State Health Insurance Assistance Program
• Transportation
• Wellness/Preventative Health Programs

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